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Let us handle the complexities of Facebook advertising, so you can dedicate your time to the aspects of your business that truly need your attention. As a boutique agency, we only take on a select few clients each month! Check us out below and see if we're a match!


Want to do it yourself but have a professional set you up right? We take you on a live Zoom journey from setting up your entire Facebook and Instagram presence, to creating and running your very own ads! We'll go over how to read and interpret the metrics so that you know exactly what to do to optimize your process. Struggling with something specific? No problem. This is your VIP Hour where we can help you with anything Facebook ads related that you need!


If you are just getting started running your own Facebook ads or you are a new ads manager trying to keep your clients happy... The "Facebook Ads Magic" course was created especially for you! It's short and sweet and has downloadable goodies that will take you from start to SUCCESS! Check it out below!

Work With Me!


Olivia Kaiser

Eliana is amazing! So sweet and easy to work with :) She was so helpful to me as we set up my pixel correctly and talked about the best steps to take for successful Ad’s. Highly recommend taking a 1:1 with her!

Amrit Gill

I recommend Eliana HIGHLY to anyone who's looking to set up FB ads. Her attention to her clients and all the details to ad campaigns have been like none other. I have used other experts before but never have I received such excellent service.

Charlotte Gold

Eliana has been integral to the success of my business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her holding my hand through the full set up in the beginning. I highly recommend Eliana. She doesn’t just care, she truly treats your business as her own.

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